Woocommerce Importer for Danea aggiunge l’aggiornamento dei prodotti.

Rilasciata la versione 0.9.3 del plugin Woocommerce Importer for Danea – Premium, lo strumento indispensabile per chi vuole trasferire i dati presenti nel proprio gestionale Danea, il più diffuso in Italia per le piccole e medie imprese, allo store online realizzato con WordPress/ Woocommerce.
Questa release è dedicata ad una funzionalità specifica, richiesta da diversi utenti, ovvero la possibilità di aggiornare gli articoli già presenti nello store, in fase di importazione dei prodotti.

Ora i prodotti già presenti in Woocommerce possono essere aggiornati


Un nuovo strumento nel pannello di gestione del plugin per l’importazione dei prodotti, consente di decidere se aggiornare o meno gli articoli già presenti, con la possibilità quindi di modificarne il nome, la descrizione, il prezzo e quant’altro.
L’ideale per chi è abituato a lavorare con Danea Easyfatt, abituato ad aggiungere lì i nuovi prodotti, ad apportare lì le modifiche necessarie, con la necessità poi di dover trasferire il tutto anche allo store online.

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The news about JW Player 7 for WordPress 1.3.3

This new release of JW Player 7 for WordPress, introduces two main update arguments: thumbnails and… thumbnails!
In the first case, we’re talking about how the plugin adds the poster image to every single video.

Until now, there was the possibility to set a default image in the plugin options page, and a specific one by using the dedicated field in every single video box.
With this release of JW Player 7 for WordPress, you’ll be able to choose if use the WordPress post thumbnail as the poster image of your video.

But there is more.
If you’re posting a YouTube video, the preview image will be taken automatically, something that a lot of you were waiting for.
Please, watch the first video down here to see how it works.

What about the “second case”? Why thumbnails again?
That’s because JW player 7 for WordPress – Premium lets you add Preview Thumbnails that will be visible on mouseover on the timeline.
The tool for doing that is the same that you already use for chapters and subtitles.
Prepare your images, 130x80px will be perfect, and add them to the fields specifing the start and end time.
Let see the result in the second video.

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Enjoy the new tools and thanks for using JW Player 7 for WordPress!

Go to JW Player 7 for WordPress - Premium!

JW Player 7 for WordPress – Premium

JW Player 7 for WordPress 1.3.0 is out!

[:en]The new JW Player 7 fo WordPress 1.3.0 was launched today!
There are some new interesting functions that lot of you were waiting for like:

  • Custom logo positioning (Premium)
  • The possibility to add subtitles (Premium)
  • Publishing videos from outside of the loop. using the post/ page id in the shortcode.
    For example, using the code down here, you’ll be able to add the video 2 of the post 123 where you want.
  • The use of the shortcode in text widgets
  • Forcing file type when necessary
  • The possibility of using Google Analytics with it.

Please let me have a feedback of those new tools, it’s very important for making the plugin always better.
Hoping that you will like this new stuff… thank you all for your support :-)

Playlist shortcode with JW Player 7 for WordPress – Premium 1.2.0


The last main update, 1.1.0, introduced the possibility to add more than one video per page.
Now, with JW Player 7 for WordPress – Premium 1.2.0, you can use the same tool for adding your media contents and show them as a playlist just using a shortcode like this.

Hoping that you will appreciate this new function, let me say thanks to all of you for being interested in my work, for using my plugin and for your support. Thanks!

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JW Player 7 for WordPress – Premium 1.1.0

One of the most required feature for JW Player 7 for WordPress – Premium, was the ability to embed more than one video in the same page.
JW Player 7 for WordPress – Premium 1.1.0 introduce this functionality with an easy to use and smart tool that makes you publish as many videos as you want.
For every single media content, you’ll be able to add a title, a description and a poster image, as well as chapters, the new auto-play function and all the others options available.
This component was developed in Ajax, this guarantees a more fluid and faster work for you that I hope you will appreciate.
Thanks to all of you that were waiting for this implementation from weeks, thanks for you patience!

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JW Player 7 for WordPress – Premium, chapter markers.

JW Player 7 for WordPress – Premium 1.0.2 comes with chapter markers as main new feature.
This function was implemented with an easy to use tool that makes really easy adding chapters to every single video.
Just flag the option, choose the numbers of chapters and add title, start time and end time for each marker.
Hope you like it guys, please leave a comment with a feedback about that.

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