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WP Restaurant Booking 1.1.0 has been released!

The main improvement of this version is the system of assigning tables for reservations, a completely new method that will add speed and quality to the operator’s work.

Previously, a table was assigned only by writing a string with the name or number, adding a comma to separate the different tables, if necessary.

In addition, it was necessary to open the single reservation to perform this activity, which obviously had an impact on the time spent in the presence of many reservations.

The biggest difficulty, however, was to avoid assigning the same table to multiple bookings in the same time slot, which implied careful monitoring, even calculating the average time spent at the table by the customer.

With version 1.1.0 of WP Restaurant Bookin, it is possible to assign one or more tables to the reservation, also by acting directly on the reservation archive page.

After setting the restaurant rooms with the relative number of tables, a select will show only the tables available for the day and time of the reservation that is being modified, updating the data entered in real time.

In this way it will be possible, for example, to filter reservations by day and assign tables to each of them in a few clicks on the same page, all without margin of error.

I hope you like this new tool ;-)


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