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Add your API credentials

The use of the API lets you communicate with your JW Player Dashboard, allowing you to manage your videos, playlists, player and more directly in WordPress.

How to get my JW Player API credentials

Access to your JW Player Dashboard and, from the homepage, click on Api Keys up on the right. Click then on SHOW CREDENTIALS and get your API Key and Secret.
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Setting the plugin

Now you have just do add the API Key and Secret in the in the specific fields that you can find in the plugin options page. If you can’t see them, what you have to do is just add a cloud player url first, since the plugin changes the options available based on which kind of player you’re using, self hosted or from the cloud. Here more information about how to configure the player.
Setup the player

Publishing playlists

JW Player for WordPress - Premium allows you to publish playlists in two ways, based on...

Publishing videos

JW Player for Wordpress - Premium allows you to publish videos in two ways, adding the...

Need more help?

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