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How to create a sign up button

If we have enabled this feature for the WordPress post type we are editing, we will find at the bottom of the page a series of options useful for creating a MailUp subscription button.

Once the general tool is activated, we have the possibility to specify a MailUp list and even a group to add users to; if the list is not specified, the one present in the general settings of the plugin will be used.

With the following options you can add a descriptive text to be displayed before the element, the text of the button itself and the one to show when the operation is completed.

It is also possible to redirect the user to another page simply by selecting it from those on the site.

As you can see from the example shown in the image, thanks to Ajax technology everything happens in asynchronous mode, without the need for a new page load, making the process more fluid and faster for the user.

In the event that the user is not logged in, the typical WordPress login / registration form will be shown, or only name and email will be requested, depending on the choices made in the plugin settings.

Thanks to the workflows provided by MailUp, it will be possible to send scheduled communications to registered users, a useful and effective digital marketing tool.

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