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Secure your players and videos URLs

JW Player for WordPress – Premium allows you to protect you videos and players in two simple steps, let’s see how to do it.

For doing this, you need to use a cloud player and the API.
Please have a look here if you need more information:

Setup the player
Add your API credentials

Activate URL Signing on jwplayer.com

Go to your JW Player Dasboard and, on the top right corner, click the image next to your name.

Select Properties from the menu, chose the one you’re using and then click to Settings.

Activate the Secure Video URLs and/ or the Secure Player Embeds options.

Activate URL Signing from the plugin options page

Go to the plugin options page and click on the Security tab.

First of all you need to provide your API v1 Secret Key, which is essential for activating these features.

If you do not know how to recover it, just consult this page of the JW Player documentation:

After entering the Secret Key, you can activate the same options previously enabled on jwplayer.com.

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