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MailUp subscription buttons

The plugin allows you to create MailUp subscription buttons to use where most needed on your WordPress site.

You can activate this feature in one or more WordPress post types, simply by selecting them from those present on your website.

The button can be positioned before or after the page content or, alternatively, you can use the [mailup-subscribe] shortcode and choose more freely where the element appears.

The MailUp subscription button will be displayed only if the user has logged in to the site, a condition that allows the system to have at least the email address, which is essential for registering for the newsletter.

For this it is possible to define the behavior of the plugin in case of users who are not logged in, with the possibility of showing the login / registration form to WordPress, or to ask the user only for name and e-mail address.

With this second choice, it will be possible to show the user a flag of acceptance of the privacy conditions, simply by selecting the relevant WordPress page in the settings.

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