WooCommerce Exporter for Reviso

Customize the checkout form

WooCommerce Exporter for Reviso allows you to add the necessary fields to the checkout form to proceed with billing, including electronic where required.

It is possible to decide which tax documents will be issued through Reviso and, consequently, the user will be asked for the necessary information.

The choice of the type of document can be positioned at the top of the form, so that the user then continues to fill in the fields actually needed.

The personal tax code – fiscal code in Italy – can be set as a mandatory field or not, depending on the type of document chosen by the user, for example it could be required for the tax invoice for individuals and not for those for companies.

Only for Italy, it is also possible to activate the tax code validation.

It is also possible to check the validity of the VAT number entered by the user, through the VIES system of the European Community.

Even for Italy only, it is possible to activate the fields useful for electronic invoicing, i.e. the recipient code or, alternatively, a certified email address (PEC).

If the user does not fill in one of the two fields, the system will use the generic recipient code as required by the Revenue Agency: 0000000 for Italy and XXXXXXX for all other countries.

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