WooCommerce Exporter for Reviso

Export of orders to Reviso

WooCommerce Exporter for Reviso allows you to transfer all the orders on the site to the management system, with the possibility of filtering them by selecting one or more statuses, such as In progress, Completed, etc.

Clicking on the Export to Reviso button will start the transfer process, confirmed by a message to the user that will appear at the bottom of the page.

It is also possible to delete all the orders in the management system, in this case the user will be asked to confirm before proceeding, to avoid dangerous accidental cancellations.

The plugin also allows you to export to Reviso and in real time every new order received in WooCommerce, thus creating a fully automated and efficient billing process.

You can choose to limit yourself to the transfer of orders, or to directly create the invoice for the completed ones, to issue it and send it immediately to the user, as well as to account for it in Reviso, all features that can be activated or not to customize your own workflow in detail.

Unfinished orders will be visible in Revised in Sales / Sales Orders, completed orders in Invoicing / Invoices.

In the event that an order paid by bank transfer is received, therefore pending payment, it will be transferred as an order in Reviso.

As soon as it is completed in WooCommerce, it will be moved to Invoices, all completely automatically.

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