WooCommerce Importer for Reviso

Import of products from Reviso

The plugin allows you to import all the products present in Reviso (Contabilità in Cloud) with extreme simplicity.

Thanks to the use of the Action Scheduler library, thousands of products can be transferred without any problem, by setting timed activities listed in WooCommerce / Status / Scheduled actions / Pending, which will be performed minute by minute.

By carrying out each activity, corresponding to the import of a single product, the plugin will verify its presence in WooCommerce, updating it or creating it from scratch as appropriate.

As shown in the image, several options are available to adapt the product transfer to your needs:

  • Product SKU
    If a barcode has been entered in Reviso, it will be imported and used as the SKU of the WooCommerce product, otherwise the numeric code assigned by the management system will be used.
  • Exclude product title
    It is possible to exclude the name of the product from updates, for example in the event that changes have been made directly on the site, perhaps for SEO reasons.
  • Short description
    Activating this option will be created a short description for the products as expected by WooCommerce, using part of the extended description present in Reviso.
  • Exclude product description
    As for the name, also the description of the products can be excluded from the updates, to avoid that any work done directly in WooCommerce is lost with the synchronizations.
  • Product not available
    With this option it is possible to avoid importing products that are not available in stock.
  • Publish new products
    By default the new imported products are put in drafts, with this option it is possible to publish them directly.

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