WooCommerce Restaurant Booking

Bookable seats

For each day of the week it is possible to set the total number of seats that can be booked, in addition to the maximum number for each reservation.

In the example of the image, during the weekend it is not possible to book tables of more than 6 and the seats that can be booked are more than those set from Monday to Thursday.

It may mean that the restaurant accepts customers without reservations only on weekdays, or that it uses an additional room at the weekend.

External seats

It is possible to enable the reservation of tables outside the restaurant, even if only seasonally.

Also in this case, the number of places available can be set for each single day of the week.

During the booking, based on availability, the customer can choose between indoor or outdoor table, or will be notified in case of availability only outdoors.

Email notifications

WordPress Restaurant Booking can send an email notification of the booking to both the...

Back-end booking

WordPress Restaurant Booking allows you to create new reservations directly from the...

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