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Management and status of reservations

You can access bookings received from WPRB/ Reservations, or simply by clicking on WPRB.

They are shown in descending chronological order, so you have the latest reservation received at the top of the list.

It is however possible to sort the elements by date, time, title, number of people and status, simply by clicking on the title of the corresponding column as provided in WordPress.

The date filter also allows you to get only the reservations of the selected day, a useful tool to assign tables, to prepare the room for the service and to welcome the customer at the restaurant, perhaps with the use of a tablet.

Each reservation shows an EXT label if places have been chosen outside the restaurant, as well as an icon that indicates a note added by the customer, which can be viewed with a simple click.

The status of the reservation

A fundamental aspect is the booking status, these are the possible statuses:

  • Received
    A received reservation has yet to be managed, which is why it is reported through the counter placed in the menu item on the left of the WordPress dashboard.
  • Managed
    The system considers a reservation managed when a table has been assigned to it, an operation that can also be done directly in the archive page shown in the image, without having to open the single element.
  • Completed
    When the customer arrives at the restaurant, it is important to complete the reservation, even in this case this operation can be done directly from the archive page.
  • Expired
    If a reservation is not completed within the time limit entered in the general settings, it is automatically changed to expired, freeing up the seats provided in the system and making them available again.

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