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The status of the tickets

WooCommerce Support System provides three different ticket states, which are represented by three easily recognizable colored labels.

When a request for assistance is created by the user, it automatically receives the status of Open, with a red label.

All tickets with the status Open require attention, i.e. a response from the administrator, for this reason they are titled in bold and are placed at the top, in descending order of urgency.

When the administrator publishes a response to the ticket, it changes its status to Pending, with a yellow label.

Tickets with status Pending have been fulfilled, at least partially, and it will be up to the user to update it with more details if necessary.

If the user were to update the ticket with a new message, it would be automatically returned to the Open status and repositioned at the top of the list page.

The status Closed with green label indicates that the assistance request has been completed, the user will no longer be able to update the ticket with new messages.

The status of the ticket can be changed manually by simply clicking on its label: a modal window will show the current status and allow you to change it.

Tickets can also be closed automatically, for more details see the dedicated article in the documentation.

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