WooCommerce Restaurant Booking

General settings

You can access the general settings of WooCommerce Restaurant Booking from WPRB / Settings.

Here is a preview of the available tools:


Show or hide the booking button in the front-end

Button position

You can place the booking button in the top-right or top-left corner, it will be displayed on every page of your website.
You can also choose Custom mode and place the booking button where you see fit, using the [booking-button] short-code.

Privacy policy

By selecting the WordPress page with your Privacy Policy, a flag will appear in the booking widget that the user must approve.

Display number

You can show the user the number of seats available on the selected day and time.

Margin time

Set the time margin within which the user can make a reservation.
For example, with a value of 30 minutes, it will not be possible to make a reservation for 19:30 at 19:10.

Medium time

Set the average time spent at the table by the user.
This value directly affects the availability of bookable seats, before and after the time of each individual booking.

Expiration time

What happens if a customer who has booked does not show up at the venue?
The seats would remain unnecessarily booked, affecting the availability of subsequent times.
By setting an expiration time, any uncompleted booking, when the time limit is reached, is automatically reported as expired, thus freeing up the seats associated with it, making them available again in the system.

Last minute bookings

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Email notifications

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Back-end booking

WordPress Restaurant Booking allows you to create new reservations directly from the...

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