WooCommerce Restaurant Booking

Back-end booking

WordPress Restaurant Booking allows you to create new reservations directly from the back-end, a useful feature for the restaurateur who receives telephone requests from customers daily.

As you can see in the image, you can assign a title to the reservation, or let the system automatically use the customer’s name.

Once you have entered the email address and the telephone number, you can choose the day and time of the reservation, as well as the number of people, and add a note if necessary.

If a table is assigned immediately, the reservation status will automatically change to managed, otherwise it will keep that of receipt.

Internal and external places available
Only external units available

The system offers the choice if both internal and external places are available, this only if the option has been activated in the general settings of the plugin.

On the other hand, if only outdoor seats are available at the selected time, confirmation will be requested from the operator, without which it will not be possible to save the reservation.

General settings

Last minute bookings

As seen in this article, WP Restaurant Booking allows you to set the number of seats...

Email notifications

WordPress Restaurant Booking can send an email notification of the booking to both the...

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