WooCommerce Restaurant Booking

Last minute bookings

As seen in this article, WP Restaurant Booking allows you to set the number of seats that can be booked for each day of the week.

This allows the restaurateur to exclude certain seats from the system, to use them with customers who show up at the restaurant without a reservation.

Consequently, there may be cases in which the places that can be booked at a certain time are sold out, for example 20:00 in the image, while there are still places available among those managed directly by the restaurateur.

To make the most of the restaurant’s capacity and not lose potential customers, WP Restaurant Booking allows you to make last minute seats available to the user, published simply by selecting the day, the time slot and the number of people.

The customer will be shown the opportunity to book at that time otherwise not available, specifying the time limit for staying at the table that he will have to accept to complete the process.

Last minute available
Needs confirmation

Email notifications

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Back-end booking

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