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JW Player for WordPress – Premium allows you to publish playlists in two ways, based on the player you’re using.

Using a cloud player

This method requires the use of a cloud player and the API.
Please have a look here if you need more information:

Imposta il player
Inserisci le tue credenziali API
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Selecting the button Choose, you will have access to your contents coming from jwplayer.com.

You have just to click on the field Select video/ playlist… to see the latest single videos and playlists you’ve added on JW Player video.

Scroll down and click one of the five playlists listed, the thumbnail and the video information will be shown and you’ll be ready to publish the content.

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Using a self hosted player

With a self hosted player you don’t have access to your contents hosted on jwplayer.com so, how can you publish a playlist?

It’s simple, just add more than one video in your post or page, and use a shortcode like suggested by the plugin itself.

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Pubblica video

JW Player for Wordpress - Premium allows you to publish videos in two ways, adding the...

Need more help?

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