Imposta il player

From the version 1.5.0, with JW Player for WordPress plugin is possible to choose if using the self hosted version of the player, detailed informations described here, or the Cloud Hosted Player Libraries, an easier and quicker method to start publishing our videos.

Cloud Hosted Player Libraries

Let’s see how we can get the player directly from the JW Player official site.
First of all, we need an account. If you don’t have one, you can register going to

Pricing informations here:

After that, we just need to login and,  from the dashboard, click to the Download button in the menu on the top right corner.

The Cloud Player Library Url is what we were looking for, the player.

We need to copy this url and paste it into the Plugin library URL field, in the plugin options page.

Important: No JWP License Key is required in this case.

To take full advantage of the plugin functionalities, add your API credentials following these instructions.

Inserisci le tue credenziali API