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Hi Soliht,
thanks for your purchase and happy that you like the plugin.

1. This is actually what I do here on my site, where the service Supporto Premium is available only to the users who have bought a premium product.
A fast solution could be implement the possibility to select one or more product categories in the plugin options page, something that I can think about for the next release.

2. I like the idea, this is coming with the next update for sure.

3. If the user has an account but it is not logged in, he has to know that accessing to the site will open the support ticket system too. Is this the point? I agree.

4. Is it necessary? Since the number of the order is required and the email used for it must be used, I’ve never had that kind of problem in over one year. Anyway, I will make some tests, ok?

Thanks for your great feedback, I will definitely consider all this stuff for my plugin development.
The product is young, it is just on the first release so a lot of work has to be done.

Thanks again 😉