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Thanks for the reply. I actually went off of that post yesterday, but i feel like i may be missing something. I put the code in a plain text, saved it as an “xml” and uploaded it to a server. I then posted the link to that file in the jw player 7 media url.

Here is where that post is: http://my.pointofmercy.tv/worship-series-pt-1/

Here is what my code looked like:

<rss version=”2.0″ xmlns:jwplayer=”http://rss.jwpcdn.com/”&gt;

<title>Worshp Series Pt 1</title>
<description>2016-01-10 – Sunday Sermon</description>
<jwplayer:source file=”https://s3.amazonaws.com/pom.podcast/2016-01-10.mp4&#8243; label=”720 HD”/>
<jwplayer:source file=”https://s3.amazonaws.com/pom.podcast/2016-01-10.mp4&#8243; label=”MP3″/>