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    This video is not working:
    Anyway, there is another problem since the player itself is not shown.
    Are you using the shortcode? Please let me have the screenshots required, ok?
    Thank you.


    Hello ilghera,
    I am sending the screenshots to your info email address. Let me know when you get them and if you need anything else. Thanks for helping me out in this.

    Amministratore del forum

    Received. You are using the free version of the plugin, were the shortcode is not available, and a page builder.
    Please do a test in a post or page without using it and let’s see what happen.


    There’s a problem: in the download section, following the instructions, I can’t download JW 7 Self-hosted Player as it is shown in the article https://support.jwplayer.com/customer/portal/articles/2376965-license-keys-downloads

    Instead, it says “Upgrade for access to your Self-Hosted player download and license key”.

    What am I supposed to do to download self-hosted JW Player and get the key?

    Thank you!


    hi I bought jwplayer7 premium and installed but i found self hosted license key is not free..

    I bought jwplayer premium but i must pay everymonth to play selfhosted video in my homepage?

    in your teaching video the selfhosted license is free.. but for now.. it is changed to pay everymonth??

    in my premium jwplayer setup sign says its free..

    there is no way i can get free version of jwplayer selfhosted player license?

    Amministratore del forum

    Hi Kosinus, thanks for your purchase.
    Of course you can get a free JW Player license.
    Just go to https://www.jwplayer.com/, sign in and go to Download (top right corner).
    In there, you will be able to get the player and the free license key.
    Hope this helps.


    Hi Andrea thanks for your reply

    i visited the jwplayer.com and the download page is like this..

    JW Player 7 (Self-Hosted)____ Upgrade for access to your Self-Hosted player download and license key _____ no download button

    Android SDK _______ jxKeB16m/qD65irMDzXF8di9KOsgrI8NGlvdww== ______ download button

    iOS SDK _______ QKe62sbKO+y3C/3k2LrKBERQrOhm5aLC3l8HAw== _________ download button

    JW Showcase ______ This software is free and open source _________ 3.6.0 Sep 06, 2017

    so all other program has a download button but only jw player7 self hosted has no download button.
    and when i click upgrade button there is only 3 buttons that lead to pay every month

    jw player 7 self hosted has no license key also in this download page for now.

    In your teaching video , there is a download button and license key in jwplayer7 .. but for now it is not.

    I think it was a free for yesterday but not free for today.

    jw player premium cannot play self hosted video for now? I purchased jwplayer premium for to play a self hosted video.

    there is another way to play self hosted video?

    • Questa risposta è stata modificata 6 anni, 10 mesi fa da kosinus.
    • Questa risposta è stata modificata 6 anni, 10 mesi fa da kosinus.
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    Hi Kosinus.
    You’re right, something is changed in these days, this was a news for me too.
    I wrote to the official JW Player support today and they confirmed me that a premium license is required now for downloading the player.
    I can do it with my old JW Player account but, creating a new one, no player download.
    I’m sorry for that, I’ll find a solution asap.

    leebel kwor

    i bought it jw player 7 i got it license key
    but i cannot get player license key
    how to do?

    pls check link and screen shoot


    Amministratore del forum

    Hi leebel kwor, thanks for the purchse.
    The link gave me an error 404 as result. Did you upload the player? Were you able to download it from the official site?
    As you can read up here, something is changed from yesterday. Now, all new JW Player account requires a premium license for downloading the self hosted version of the player.


    Hey Andrea,

    I am using videopro and I’m using the video lightbox settings, but I’m not sure if it has to do with the self hosted player that I have, but this is the error I’m getting:
    Failed to execute ‘postMessage’ on ‘DOMWindow’: The target origin provided (‘https://www.youtube.com’) does not match the recipient window’s origin (‘http://tdd2w.wpengine.com’).

    Amministratore del forum

    Hi @tdd2w.
    I think is better if you contact the theme support for this ;-)


    I bought jwplayer7 premium but i got Error loading player:
    No playable sources found from youtube and frome 4shared

    can you help me plz

    Amministratore del forum

    Hi @digi4ent.
    JWPlayer 8 does not support YouTube videos, try to use the version 7 if you can.


    I can’t understand the place url to Jwplayer.js file because first of all the file does not exist and secondly where do I exactly upload the js file to because I run a tube site do I upload to you cpanel file manager?

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