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    Ok, I see where the issue is. One your example code, your javascript shows:
    playlist: ‘http://www.flairvideo.net/wp-content/themes/videoelements/test.xml’,

    where mine showed FILE instead. When I put in your playlist URL it changed to PLAYLIST.

    Does you code require the url to end with XML? My playlist url doesn’t but it is an MRSS.

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    At the moment, the plugin recognizes these file extensions:
    xml, feed, php, rss.
    Please, let me have the link of your playlist file.


    What is the syntax for jw7-video short code?
    I have the paid version installed in WP and use videos streamed through Cloudfront but the video URL that works in any other video player does not seem to work in JWPlayer. Have searched everywhere for detailed instructions for JW7 for WordPress – there are none.

    Anyone able to assist?

    Amministratore del forum

    Hi Gary. As you can read here, I asked details about Cloudfront files to JW Player support.
    Since that you have a Premium version of the plugin, I will send you a fast fixed copy to use untill the next official update.
    Thanks for you patience.


    Finally sorted it out for streaming using Cloudfront but it needs some clear instruction or specific set up fields in the JW7 plugin

    By entering the rtmp as follows rtmp://xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.cloudfront.net/cfx/st/S3bucketname/mp4:filename.mp4
    the player will play.
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.cloudfront.net = your Cloudfront URL
    S3bucketname is the name of your bucket in Amzon S3 relative to the Cloudfront rtmp setup
    filename.mp4 is of course the name of the file in your bucket.

    Another tip – the JW7 plugin puts the player on the left of the page by default. I wanted it centered so I used
    <div style="”margin-left:" auto; margin-right: width: 650px;”>[jw7-video n=”1″]</div> in the Text window.
    The 650px needs to be changed for your specific page setup. Increase it to move left, decrease to move right.
    Trial and error will get you there.

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    With the premium version you can use the responsive player; is it no good for you?
    If not, what about to try something like that?

    //add here the shortcode [jw7-video]
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    I understand HTML5 no longer uses object-align parameter


    I upload the jw player to my site but I can run it properly. I add video link but at the same time there to player in may page. I couldnt canceled theme’s player. can you help me please.
    my new web side will be if ? solve the problem

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    Hi Erkan, sorry for the late.
    I took a look of your site and it seems that you are publishing video using JW Player but without using my plugin. Does your theme include a video player in every single post? If yes, what you need to do is to modify your theme file, single.php or something like that, removing the part of code that retrieves the player.
    Can you try to publish a video using the plugin and give me a page link? I you want, I’ll be pleased to help you fix this issue.


    Ciao :)
    Mi chiamo Saeid.

    I did the instructions ,it loaded player and I put mp4 video on my host, but after page loaded completely , I see this message on player :
    Error loading media:File could not be played

    What should I do ?


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    Hi Saeid. Can you provide me a page link please?


    Wait so we have to add the url from the code side, Then whats the point of the plug i just bought?

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    Hi Dustin. No, no code is required.
    From the plugin setup page, you can chose the post types where to add videos.
    After that, you will find a JW Player 7 box where you’ll be able to add the video url and, just if you want, many other options.
    Please have a look:

    Playlist shortcode with JW Player 7 for WordPress – Premium 1.2.0

    Hoang The

    I want to remove the logo of youtube then how? .Please Support. Thank you

    Amministratore del forum

    Hi. Hiding the Youtube logo violates their terms of service, you can’t do it. Sorry.

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