The news about JW Player 7 for WordPress 1.3.3

This new release of JW Player 7 for WordPress, introduces two main update arguments: thumbnails and… thumbnails!
In the first case, we’re talking about how the plugin adds the poster image to every single video.

Until now, there was the possibility to set a default image in the plugin options page, and a specific one by using the dedicated field in every single video box.
With this release of JW Player 7 for WordPress, you’ll be able to choose if use the WordPress post thumbnail as the poster image of your video.

But there is more.
If you’re posting a YouTube video, the preview image will be taken automatically, something that a lot of you were waiting for.
Please, watch the first video down here to see how it works.

What about the “second case”? Why thumbnails again?
That’s because JW player 7 for WordPress – Premium lets you add Preview Thumbnails that will be visible on mouseover on the timeline.
The tool for doing that is the same that you already use for chapters and subtitles.
Prepare your images, 130x80px will be perfect, and add them to the fields specifing the start and end time.
Let see the result in this second video.

Enjoy the new tools and thanks for using JW Player 7 for WordPress!

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JW Player 7 for WordPress – Premium

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