The new JW Player for WordPress – Premium

Yes, the name is changed!
The new version 1.5.0 came with the new name JW Player for WordPress – Premium, leaving the player version (7) for a more general purpose.
JW Player 8 was introduced a couple of weeks ago and the decision was to rename the plugin and to continue to develope the same product, instead of releasing a new one.

I’m sorry if this can cause confusion, I hope not.
The product is the same and I’ll keep doing my best in the future for make it better.

The big news in this last release was that, from now, is not more necessary to upload the player on your site, that because is posssible to use the player in the cloud; more details here.

Thanks for all your support in these years and for using JW Player for WordPress – Premium!

12 thoughts on “The new JW Player for WordPress – Premium

  1. Hi.

    With that update, the player disappeared from my page. The player doesn’t appear anymore. And I can’t display streaming videos any more.

    Can you help me please ? Thx

  2. Here you are :

    The player must appear after the content “”. But it doesn’t appear anymore.

    Thanks for your help.

  3. Updated. All is ok. Thanks 😉

  4. Error setting up player: Invalid license key

  5. Hey, can’t sign in my account anymore. What happened?

  6. Hi , can i use JW Player for AMP ?

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