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CRM in Cloud for WooCommerce – Premium

Synchronize your WordPress/ WooCommerce site with CRM in Cloud exporting users, products and orders in real time.

From 5.83 per month (69.90 / year)

CRM in Cloud for WooCommerce – Premium

WordPress users as CRM in Cloud contacts
in a click

Select the WordPress user role(s) you need and click Export to CRM in Cloud.

New contacts will be created and existing ones updated, transferring all user information available.

Create companies in CRM in Cloud

With this option, if the user has filled in the company field in WordPress, for example by making a purchase, with the export to CRM in the Cloud not only the contact will be created or updated, but also the company.

Export the user orders

All user’s WooCommerce orders can be exported to CRM in the Cloud as opportunities.

If a company connected to the user is also present, the same opportunities will also be added to the company for easier consultation.

Keep contacts in sync

By activating the synchronization options, whenever you make a change to a user on your WordPress site, the respective contact in the CRM in the Cloud will also be updated, keeping the same contents on both platforms.

Contacts complete with images

The plugin also transfers the profile image of the exported WordPress users, or any gravatar matched to the email address, in order to obtain a more complete contact profile in CRM in the Cloud.

Export all your products and related categories

You can choose to transfer only the products of one or more specific categories to CRM in the Cloud, or to synchronize your
entire product catalog.
In the CRM you will have all the information of each single item with name, description, category and VAT rate applied, as well as the image.

Keep products up to date

By activating the dedicated options, you can keep the products synchronized between your WooCommerce store and
CRM in Cloud.
Whenever you change a price or, for example, the description of a product or category on your WordPress site, it will also be updated in real time on the CRM, in order to have content
always consistent on the two platforms.
New content will also be synchronized immediately.

Tax fields for electronic invoicing

You can set the tax fields to be displayed on the checkout page, also based on the type of customers your business caters to.
You will thus be able to collect the user data necessary for issuing invoices and tax receipts, data that will obviously be saved in the CRM in the Cloud.

Export new orders in real time

Each new WooCommerce order will be automatically exported to CRM in the Cloud as an opportunity, creating or updating the contact if already present, as well as the company associated with it.
You can also decide whether to create a single opportunity for each product of the order.

Order status always synchronized

When you complete an order paid for example by bank transfer in WooCommerce, the opportunity in CRM in Cloud will be updated accordingly.

Delete all data in a click

You can delete all contacts in CRM in Cloud with the related opportunities and, if desired, the companies connected to them by activating the dedicated option.
Same thing can be done with products.

Check the activities in progress

CRM in Cloud for WooCommerce uses Action Scheduler, a solid library that every month processes millions of payments for Subscriptions, webhooks for WooCommerce, as well as emails and other events for a range of other plugins.

By sending thousands of users with related companies and opportunities, you can always check the transfer status by going to WooCommerce / Status / Scheduled Actions.


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