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JW Player for WordPress – Premium

JW Player for Wordpress – Premium is the complete solution for using JW Player into Wordpress.
It works with the latest version of world’s most popular video player and enables full power of the JW Player dashboard and APIs directly into your WordPress CMS.
Enable player customization, related videos, social sharing and advertising directly into your content management system to speed up your video workflow.

From 2.49 per month (29.90 / year)

Important! A JW Player license is required for using this product.

JW Player for WordPress – Premium

Unlimited Videos

Add unlimited videos on every page or post.
Add title, description, poster image, as well as chapters, auto-play function and much more on all your videos.

Publishing videos

Manage your JW Player library in WordPress

Manage your By connecting to JW Player Dashboard with your API credentials, you will be able to search and select your videos and playlists hosted on JW Player directly in WordPress.

Add your API credentials

Custom post types supported

Select the post types and enable them to allow for embeddable videos. Customize the position of the embed before or after the text on the page.


JW Player for WordPress supports secure Video URLs and Player Embeds.

Secure your players and videos URLs

Video Advertising

Add your add tags from VAST or Google IMA and start monetizing your videos directly in WordPress.
Video Player Bidding with SpotX and other partners is supported.

Customize the Player

JW Player for WordPress – Premium gives you the possibility to customize the video player in every single detail.
Set the Poster Image, add your logo with link and crate your player skin exactly as you want it.


Share your videos on every major social platform or via email. Enable viewers to embed your videos on their own blogs or sites to increase the reach of your brand and content.

Single post video options

For every single video you can set title and description, you can define a specific poster image and decide if use an ad tag or not.

You can add subtitles or chapters, define more video sources, autostart on page load and much more.

Playlist carousel

Create beautiful playlist carousels via the API and have your playlists match the branding of your WordPress theme.

Publishing playlists

Related Posts

Select the taxonomy you want to use for getting related content or ask to JW Player for WordPress – Premium to create a new one, called Video Categories.
Choose how to get the images, Featured Image or Custom Field, set the dimensions and add a Heading if you like.


  1. Agustin

    Plugin works great, but really need the option to insert SEO data as offered in JW.
    If you do not insert that data, Google will simply do not see the videos as videos.
    SEO has become a critical piece and I can not find a way to embed the SEO from JW with this plugin.

  2. Your review is awaiting approval

    polease add picture in picture option for this player
    thank you

  3. sa

    my english not good, sorry
    this is perfect player but a problem
    picture in picture option
    please add picture in picture option for this player
    thank you so much

  4. Your review is awaiting approval

    i purchased a premium icense to use this player on my wordpress website i didnt realise i also had to pay for another license to use this software from jwplayer . Now weeks after purchase i still have no refund and jwplayer refuses to answer my emails and ilghera support is not responding to my request for a refund. jwplayer does not support wordpress websites without a paid yearly license. and will not even supply with a test so you can try before you buy.

    My experience with both of these companies is they take your money and dont care and just lie telling you you can get a license from jwplayer when its not free anymore for wordpress websites

  5. Erick

    To place ads on the video, which license do I need, what is the value of it?

    • ilGhera

      Hi @Erik,
      thanks for your review.
      I think you need an Enterprice license for that, you can start from here:

  6. Kurokood

    Hello If i buy a premium license do i still need to subscribe to jwplayer.com to get the license and the self hosted files?

    • ilGhera

      Hi @Kurokood,
      yes you do, a JW Player license is required to use this plugin.
      From the version 2.0, you can upload all your videos to the JW Player Dashboard, prepare there your players and simply select your contents from WordPress so, you don’t need any self-hosted files any more 😉

  7. pooyaey (verified owner)

    What features have been added in the new version?

  8. miz

    event GA support?

  9. Alireza (verified owner)

    Hello, thank you for your awesome product.

  10. John (verified owner)

    It works very well, but I would like to encrypt the url of the videos, so they do not insert them into other websites and consume us bandwidth.

    -> The hotlink is visible just by looking at the source code

  11. Adrien Ball

    It works for HLS m3u8 lines ?

  12. dominicanchannels (verified owner)

    works good ( premium user)

  13. jose (verified owner)

    excellent product

  14. John (verified owner)

    Excellent plugin, but

  15. wu (verified owner)


  16. lee soo hun (verified owner)

    it works good, but i have question… how to use subtitles, sir?

  17. marco

    Excellent tool for making our website professional!! Thanks!!

  18. John (verified owner)

    where I hit the premium license?… :(, excelent plugin!

  19. Shane (verified owner)

    Great Plugin, Simple And Works GREAT!!
    Highly recommended!!!

  20. LIT

    Works very well, thank you.

  21. pein (verified owner)

    I am proud. After Long time, finally decent and nice 7 player for WP. Keep the great work bro. I am looking forward to playlist option. Thanks.

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