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MailUp for WooCommerce – Premium


Collect leads of interest on specific products or topics by inserting buttons and registration forms on the pages of your WordPress site, choosing the correct list and group of MailUp.
Add your customers to different MailUp recipient groups automatically, based on the WooCommerce products purchased.
Prepare the workflows needed to follow your customer before and after the purchase in MailUp.

From 5.83 per month (69.90 / year)

MailUp for WooCommerce – Premium

Newsletter flag

Add a newsletter subscription option in the registration form of your WordPress site and in the WooCommerce checkout form, choosing the list and any MailUp group to use.

Choose whether to send the user the message of successful registration provided by MailUp.

Subscription button and forms

Choose in which WordPress post-types to enable the MailUp subscription button,
as well as its position before or after the page content, or wherever you prefer thanks to the use of a shortcode.
If users logged in to the site will simply have to press a button,
for guest users you can choose whether to show them the login/registration form to WordPress or ask only for their name and email.

Create the sign up button

Create the MailUp subscription button by choosing the text, a description to be prefixed and a message of thanks to the user.

If necessary, set up a redirect page and, of course, choose which MailUp list and group to add the user to.

Users who are not logged in will see the WordPress login form or will be prompted for their name and email, based on the settings chosen.

Subscriptions based on purchased products

Set up a list and a Mailup group in each WooCommerce product, the users who purchase it will be automatically added to the recipient group and you will be able to make targeted follow-up communications.

Setup your workflow in MailUp

Create customized workflows in MailUp, based on belonging to a group of recipients.
You can send automatic pre and post-purchase newsletters, setting the messages and the sending rules, to communicate precisely what you need, when necessary.


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