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WooCommerce Carta Docente – Premium

With WooCommerce Carta Docente – Premium, you will allow teachers to purchase your products using the coupons generated on Carta del Docente.

From 9.98 per month (119.80 / year)

WooCommerce Carta Docente – Premium

Create your certificate

With WooCommerce Carta Docente – Premium you can easily generate the certificate required by the platform.
For each necessary step, the plugin provides a tool to make even the most complex operations quick and easy.

Download the sellers guidelines

Set up purchasable products

The vouchers generated on the Carta del Docente platform can only be used to purchase goods of the same type for which they were created.
By setting these categories with the dedicated tool, WooCommerce Carta Docente – Premium will carry out a check during the checkout phase, informing the user of the mismatch if necessary.

Easy for the user

After generating the certificate, WooCommerce Carta Docente – Premium will add the new payment method among those available on the checkout page.
The teacher will only have to enter the code of his voucher, nothing else.


  1. Antonino Marsala (verified owner)

    Tanta pazienza per supportare e sopportare il plugin carta del docente. Grazie veramente. Prodotto e sviluppatore altamente raccomandati.

  2. FRANCESCO (verified owner)

    Il plugin funziona perfettamente e l’assistenza tecnica

  3. Daniele

    Il plugin

  4. ivo mauri (verified owner)

    Il Ghera

  5. Ivan Paoli (verified owner)

    Plugin facile e veloce da configurare e soprattutto la disponibilit

  6. Ivan

    Un plugin e un assistentenza ottimi, per risolvere tutti i problemi di interfacciamento con la PA.

  7. Enrico Parolisi

    Il sito del Miur

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