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WooCommerce Exporter for Danea – Premium

If you have built your online store with WooCommerce and use Danea as a management software, WooCommerce Exporter for Danea – Premium is what you need!
You will be able to export suppliers, products, customers and orders.

From 5.83 per month (69.90 / year)

WooCommerce Exporter for Danea – Premium

Export suppliers

WooCommerce Exporter for Danea – Premium allows you to select the user level assigned to your suppliers and to download the list in csv format with one click.
Once this is done, open the file and save it in Excel or OpenOffice format, you will be ready to import it into Danea EasyFatt!

Export of suppliers and customers

Export products

Export the complete list of your Woocommerce products (csv) in one click, ready to be imported into Danea EasyFatt.

Export customers

As seen for suppliers, WooCommerce Exporter for Danea – Premium allows you to export your customer list. By following the same steps, in a few minutes you will have uploaded the new content to Danea EasyFatt.

Export of suppliers and customers

Export orders

Woocommerce Exporter for Danea – Premium generates a feed with your orders. On a daily basis, you will be able to import them directly into Danea EasyFatt, using the Download orders tool in the Tools menu.

The feed now includes much more individual order details, such as address and shipping costs, and user notes left during checkout. Plus, you can now choose which orders to download based on their status, such as completed, pending, refunded, and so on.


  1. Federico

    Installato e, dopo pochi passaggi, è stato subito possibile importare gli ordini in Danea. Mi ha reso il lavoro molto più comodo e veloce. Assistenza velocissima e competente. Ottimo plug-in, consigliatissimo!

  2. Davide

    Ottimo plugin e ottima assistenza!

  3. Francesco Dionisi (verified owner)

    Plugin perfetto, per non parlare poi dell’assistenza!!
    In poche parole? ECCEZIONALE!

  4. stefano (verified owner)

    ottima assistenza. sempre disponibile a rispondere in caso di necessit


    Servizio ed assistenza rapidi e precisi, davvero ottimo, grazie!

  6. Vincenzo (verified owner)

    Prodotto ottimo ed un assistenza ECCEZIONALE!

  7. Alessandro

    Prodotto ottimo ed assistenza IMPECCABILE!

  8. alfonso

    Ottimo prodotto e ottima l’assistenza.

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