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A feature-rich and easy to use reservation system for bars and restaurants.

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Managing reservations is a continuous job for those who have a bar or restaurant: it requires time and attention, often even with a dedicated person with related costs.

WP Restaurant Booking - Premium optimally manages the reservations of your restaurant based on the rules set, considering the availability of seats, any external seats and various other factors for a management tailored for you.

Easy for your clients

A widget that guides the user to the reservation with no margin of error, which shows the result of the settings made, considering the reservations already received.

Your client will only have to select the date, the number of people and the time between those available.

After entering his personal data, he will be able to complete the booking in a click.

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Set your booking system

Set the number of seats available for each day of the week, as well as the maximum number of seats per single reservation.

Define the time slots that can be booked and the relative time interval.

Decide the time limit within which a reservation can be made, as well as the average estimated time spent by customers at the table, useful for calculating the availability.

You can activate the booking of external seats, show the number of seats available to the user and decide where to display the booking button on your website.

Last minute reservations

If you have tables available for a limited time, perhaps for a cancellation, you can set a last minute, an opportunity for your business and for your client, which otherwise would not have found a place at that time.

Notifications for you and for your clients

You can decide to receive an email for every booking made on your site, with all the details.

Activate also the notifications for the user and, if necessary, personalizes the object and the message, also thanks to the use of shortcodes to recall the booking data.

Manage reservations

Get reservations for a specific day and order them by time, by number of people or other.
Change the status of a reservation or read a note directly from the list, without the need to open it.
Assign table(s) to reservations in real time!

The single reservation

Edit or create a reservation with all the necessary information.

Selecting the date, the system will check the available times based on settings and previous reservations, making your work easier.


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