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    The release of JW Player for WordPress 1.4.0, has Introduced new options for the shortcode [jwp-video].
    This page wants to be the reference for this, it will be kept updated with the future changes that will come.


    n=” “

    Video number
    A page or post can have more than one video and this option lets insert a specific video into the content.
    For the first video, this option can be omitted, then adding [jwp-video] is enough.
    The example below will add the video number three.
    [jwp-video n="3"]


    p=” “

    Post/ Page ID
    This option let you publish a video from a different post or page.
    Down here, you can see how to add the video 2 from the post/ page 243.
    [jwp-video n="2" p="243"]


    width=” ” height=” “

    Custom measures
    Even if the measures of the player are set in general in the plugin options page, is possible to assign specific measures for each video player using these shortcode options.
    [jwp-video width="640" height="360"]



    Aspect ratio
    With this option is possible to change the aspect ratio of the single video player, like for the vertical video in the example below.
    [jwp-video ar="9:16"]



    Playlist autostart
    This option activates the automatic playback on page load for a playlist.
    [jwp-video pl_autostart="1"]



    Playlist mute
    It mutes the playlist videos during playback.
    [jwp-video pl_mute="1"]



    Playlist repeat
    With this option is possible to loop the content after the playlist completes.
    [jwp-video pl_repeat="1"]


    I’m a bit confused with available documentation and explanations.

    – Where does the user upload the video? What does the shortcode syntax look like with that uploaded video?
    – What does the shortcode syntax look like with an external video (YouTube, Vimeo)?
    – How should we troubleshoot when the player doesn’t appear?

    Thanks in advance.


    Hi @Victor.
    Did you upload the player on your site? If not, please have a look here:

    JW Player self-hosted setup

    In the plugin option page you can active the plugin functionalities for posts, pages and all the others post types.

    How to publish a video? This video can be useful:

    You can upload videos by the WordPress media system or directly in ftp but remember, you have always to use di direct link to the media source, the only exception is YouTube.

    Hope this helps 😉


    that was it!!!! thanks man!

    reginald williams

    The plug-in does not play or even display .m3u8 files but the jw player tester does. Can this plug-in handle .m3u8 formats? if so, how


    Hi Reginald, sorry for the late 🙁
    JWPlayer requires a premium license for .m3u8 format, that’s the reason.
    More informations here:


    I installed your plugin in my wordpress and I already used to it.
    But I want to used shortcode in content new post, Can you help me?
    I used to: [jwp-video n=”1″ width=”640″ height=”360″ pl_autostart=”1″ pl_repeat=”1″ file=”https://storage.googleapis.com/serv13/30.01/dc402d8a80139c1f0a68d2369a315134fb882e96e13aca0effd7d968cf2809945BBeauty4Kdc402d8a80139c1f0a68d2369a315134fb882e96e13aca0effd7d968cf2809945Ddc402d8a80139c1f0a68d2369a315134fb882e96e13aca0effd7d968cf28099420Jessydc402d8a80139c1f0a68d2369a315134fb882e96e13aca0effd7d968cf28099420C.mp4″%5D in my post content but jwplayer not appear


    Hi @superball,
    There isn’t any “file” option available for the shortcode.

    The media url must be added using the specific meta box that you can find in the post/ page back-end.

    This could be useful for understanding:

    Playlist shortcode with JW Player 7 for WordPress – Premium 1.2.0


    How to add Subtitle in following shortcake ?

    [jwplayer zyJderoi]

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