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    Hi IlGhera,

    I just moved some streaming files to AmazonS3 from a streamingprovider to a save little money as I do live stream anymore.

    For some reason the video is cut in half: – this was not the case yesterday when I moved the first video. So I don´t understand how this has happened over night?

    I use also your plugin on a couple of other sites. But there all files are in .mp4 format unlike these that are .flv as this was the only format supported by the streaming service that I use.

    Any idea what setting I have wrong?

    Also I wanted to ask now you offer both video and mail plugins. Can you recommend a solution, where I can post video on front pages on my websites and where users then can watch the video for free by entering their email into the player. A little like they have it on this site:

    I prefer a one time paid plugin or a free one. Best if works with MailChimp as I use their MandrillApp for my server. So I am a little stuck with them.




    Hi Lars.
    You can try to solve it by adding this line to your style.css file.
    .fluid-width-video-wrapper {padding-top: 56.25% !important;}
    Unfortunately, I can’t suggest you a plugin to do what you need, I usually do things like that by my self. Anyway, I’m sure that with a fast search you’ll be able to find something; there are plugins for everything in WordPress 😉


    Hi ilGhera,

    adding this code did not solve the issue with the picture being cut into half. Sometimes is works, sometimes is does not work. You can always refresh the site and it will show correct.

    The issues only happens with my older streaming files that is in .flv format. All .mp4 files show correct and I also only add .mp4 files in future. Would just be nice also have old files how correct.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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